Shaving cat hair its advantages and benefits


Hair shaving is a crucial and necessary thing for cats, especially long-haired cat breeds like the Shirazi, which sleep in high-temperature environments, which makes the life of these cats harder thanks to the problem of adapting to high temperatures, especially in summer.

Cat grooming features

Completely getting obviate the matter of hair loss around the house, and thus a simple and pleasant treatment with the cat.

  1. Hair shaving facilitates the movement of the cat, its fitness, and its lightness.
  2. Hair shaving gives the cat vitality and gets obviate the complications of heat, fatigue, stress, constant panting, and sticking the tongue out of the mouth, also preventing the cat from trying to find a cool place far away from its home.
  3. Complete disposal of insects, especially within their season in the summer, and thus the method of caring for the cat becomes easier and lighter.
  4. Getting obviate the cat’s hair on its body and therefore the distortion of its appearance, especially when the cat breeders are busy and don’t have enough time to require care of their cats’ hair.
  5. Shaving helps in returning the hair’s luster and health, arranging its shape and appearance, and giving a more beautiful view of the cat.
  6. Shaving the hair is beneficial in knowing the fitness of the cat and therefore the extent of its fatness or weakness, and thus a primary assessment of its health.

It is preferable to shave the cat at a veterinarian or a veterinary center, especially for a fiercely nervous cat, which can need a sedative to perform the shaving process just in case it’s difficult to effect such cats. it’s preferable to not feed the cat for six hours before the operation if it’s necessary to offer it a sedative to avoid the occurrence of injury after the top of the effect Anesthesia.

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