Summer risks for cats and the way to require care of cats in weather


Summer is usually amid tons of fun, roaming, and excursions to enjoy the beaches and parks, and tons of dangers also. For pets like cats, the summer season has many effects and threats, like heat stroke, drought, et al. . So let’s review some important things to think about during this chapter.

Important rules

  • It is strictly forbidden to place pets in direct sunlight (such as placing them on roofs or on balconies).
  • It is preferable to place the cats inside the house while providing them with water on a permanent basis throughout the day and ensuring that he drinks sufficient quantities, and if he doesn’t drink enough, it’s preferable to offer him water using the syringe.
  • It is preferable to ventilate shady indoor places constantly using fans to supply the required ventilation, especially during peak times.
  • Feeding cats their food only in the dark because food increases the cat’s blood heat.
  • It is forbidden to go away from the pet inside the car with closed windows, even for a brief period.
  • Shaving the cat’s hair or shortening it, especially if he sees him laying his body on the ground and increasing his tongue and panting constantly to chill his body
  • Shaving the cat’s hair or shortening it, especially if he sees him laying his body on the ground and increasing his tongue and panting constantly to chill his body
  • A gentle water aerosol is used for cats, especially in cases of stress thanks to high weather.
  • The use of crockery water dishes that maintain a cool temperature of the water and alter it and clean it constantly.
  • Provide areas of the ceramic floor without rugs for cats to chill their bodies.
  • Bathing cats over 6 months old every 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Do not engage in any physical activity during the day, like running.
  • Brushing the cat’s hair constantly and frequently so as to stop the hair from clumping, which prevents the ventilation of the skin and doesn’t get obviate excess heat within the body, also because of the growth of pathogenic fungi.
  • Letting cats choose the proper place for them on their own and not forcing them to an appropriate place, consistent with our belief, who knows best about their situation.
  • In cases of fatigue and stress, the cat’s body is often massaged with lukewarm water by hand to chill it, or put a chilly bottle wrapped during a towel next thereto, or feed it a touch cold yogurt.

important information

Dogs and cats are considered pets without sweat glands. they’re unable to sweat and control the temperature in their bodies. These animals use the tongue for cooling, additionally to rolling their feet.

It is preferable to urge a thermometer reception to constantly measure the cat’s temperature, especially when feeling tired, knowing that the traditional temperature of the dog is between (37.5 – 38.5) and cats (38.06 – 39.17).

It is forbidden to use frozen or very cold water or ice to chill tired and stressed cats et al. that have even small stress from raising the warmth within the surrounding atmosphere. This water causes constriction and contraction of blood vessels within the skin et al., thus stopping blood circulation and reducing the flow of blood to the surface, and thus the continuation of suffering thanks to high fever.

It is forbidden to use antipyretic drugs in cases of cats fatigue and stresses thanks to the warmth of the air because they’re completely useless.

It is forbidden to spray water on your pet’s face and ears while it’s cooling, and it’s preferable, as we mentioned, to wipe it with water on its body.

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