The best food for cats after birth


Choosing the simplest food for cats after birth is extremely important. Malnutrition can cause low birth weight and put her in danger for several health conditions, leading to a lower survival rate.

Food priorities for cats after birth

  • Increase caloric energy for the expansion of kittens and therefore the production of milk for the mother.
  • Increase protein for the growth and development of cats.
  • High digestibility to supply more calories in less food.
  • Increase fat to satisfy the mother’s high caloric demand.
  • Increase calcium and phosphorous for cat bone growth and breast milk production.

Why is increased energy and fat so important?

Increased energy and fat are vital because pregnant and lactating cats have very high energy needs. Feeding is that the most energy-demanding stage of a cat’s life. Nursing cats have 2 to six times the energy requirements of healthy adult cats.

What is digestibility and why is it important?

Digestibility is that the amount of food ingested that the cat’s body actually absorbs. High digestibility is vital because energy needs are very high and there’s less physical space during a pregnant cat’s stomach.

The best food for cats after birth

You should give your cat top-quality dry/wet food before and after birth (as long because the kittens are feeding), the kittens will start eating gradually from 3-4 weeks aged.

Among the foremost important foods that ought to tend to cats after birth:

  1. Dairy products: Dairy products are one of the simplest foods that ought to tend to cats after birth.
  2. Bone flour: Contains calcium, which is vital for cats after birth.
  3. Fish is important but should only tend a couple of times a month.
  4. Dry foods: it’s not recommended immediately after childbirth because it affects the assembly of milk.
  5. How long maybe a cat’s pregnancy?
  6. A typical average pregnancy is 63-65 days. it’s recommended to ascertain your vet weekly during
  7. pregnancy and lactation to assess weight and food intake. Please speak together with your veterinarian to
  8. work out how often your cat should be examined during pregnancy and after the kittens are born.

When do I wean my cat?

Weaning is typically a gradual process. Most kittens start eating solid food between 3-4 weeks aged. Effectively weaning should happen between 6-10 weeks aged.

The primary priority for cat care

It is recommended that you simply keep a record of your cat’s weight, stool, growth, and activity a day or two (especially within the first fortnight after birth) and schedule a check-up together with your vet.

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