Kitten development from 6 to 12 weeks aged


Newborn kittens undergo many changes very soon after they’re born. For the primary few weeks of life, they’re filled with new sights and sounds, and by the age of six weeks, these kittens are almost able to leave their mothers. But at an equivalent time, it doesn’t stop growing, changing, and learning. Between the ages of 6 and 12 weeks, there are still many great things and skills that the cat must learn and pass, and here the breeder should know many things regarding this age of kittens.

physical development

The kitten at six weeks aged, her milk teeth begin to seem. During the seventh and eighth weeks of life, all the kitten’s teeth will have appeared from the gums and therefore the mother cat could also be reluctant to breastfeed due to this. At 12 weeks aged, these kittens’ brown teeth will begin to fall out.

within the first weeks, the kittens’ eyes and ears are open, but at six weeks aged, the eyes will still be blue. Hearing and vision are fully developed, and over the course of the seventh and eighth weeks, the color of the eyes will slowly change to become the ultimate eye color as adults.

Until about six weeks aged, kittens will need additional heat to remain warm. Once the kitten is about one and a half months old (6 weeks), he will not need a hot pad, heat light, or another heat source that he wont to believe. As long because the kitten is in a temperature environment, it’ll be completely healthy because it’ll be ready to self-regulate its blood heat.

If you’ve got a male kitten, they’re going to descend and lower their testicles and become palpable at about seven to eight weeks aged.

behavior changes

Between 6 and 12 weeks aged kittens are very active and really social. As a breeder, you’ll notice that kittens of this age won’t sleep the maximum amount as they want to sleep like newborns, but in fact, they’re going to still spend quite half the day napping. The cat will start twiddling with its mates and exploring its surroundings and its personality will begin to develop. These are vital for the event of your cat’s social skills. If a cat doesn’t have opportunities to find out right from wrong through play and discipline from her mother and her mates, she may have difficulty as an adult cat.

during this context, kittens whose social skills aren’t properly socialized may suffer or maybe develop aggressive problems.

health and care

Some veterinarians spay or neuter kittens that are between 8 and 12 weeks old, while others see a minimum weight limit required for this or recommend that the kitten be six months old before she undergoes this surgery. This procedure should be discussed together with your vet and a biopsy is usually recommended before surgery to make sure your cat is healthy enough to be sedated.

food and nutrition

A 6-week-old kitten should be in a position to transition far away from feeding. High-quality canned cat chow must be mixed with water to form a mix in order that the kitten can eat the canned foods without adding water later. By the age of 8 to 10 weeks, the kitten should be completely weaned from its mother. Also, there’s no got to limit and reduce the quantity of food that the cat consumes at this age.

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